More Conversations with Rosebud

Omg, this child is constantly cracking me up…

“I teached sissy! Say ‘hi’ sissy!”

“Wow Rosebud! You are a wonderful teacher!”

“No mommy. I not teacher.”

“Sure you are, you just taught sis to say ‘hi’.”

“No, no mommy! Teacher hafta be big. Growned up like you. I’m a kid.”

“Okay, okay. Well maybe you’ll be a teacher when you grow up?”

“No. I be doctor.” (she is holding strong on that doctor business.)

“Oh, I see.  What kind of doctor will you be?”

“A pretty black one.”


“What you laughin’ at mommy?”

8 Comments to “More Conversations with Rosebud”

  1. I just snorted. ❤ her!

  2. I love your kids.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Love it!

  4. Your kids always know how to make me smile! Adorable.

  5. So sweet! I love how confident she is!

  6. She is awesome! So smart.

  7. I am dying over here, she is such a little sweatheart!

    Love her!

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