Conversations with Rosebud

This girl’s got it all figured out…

Rosebud loves baby dolls.  She loves to feed them, push them in their stroller, change their diapers, wear them (stuffed down her shirt kangaroo care style – there is absolutely not anything cuter), and sing them to sleep.  It’s so very sweet and amazing to see her love on her babies the way I was loving on her two blinks ago.

So I asked her, “Bird [that’s her irl nickname], are you going to be a mommy when you grow up?”

“No, sissy do that.” 

Oh, well then what do you want to do?”

“I be baby doctor.”

And you know what? With her decisive determination, she just might.

4 Responses to “Conversations with Rosebud”

  1. That is one smart cookie you have there. I love her spunk!


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