Foster Timeline

1/13/09 – Foster Parent Info Session and application completion

3/26/09 – Initial Home Inspection and Interview

3/28/09 – begin PRIDE Training (foster training classes)

4/26/09 – Foster Home Study

4/30/09 – Home Study follow-up (we passed!)

5/9/09 – Foster Training Complete

*** 4 months of waiting, waiting, waiting…. ***

9/2/09 – Finally assigned new social worker and 3rd home inspection

9/30/09 – Our file is submitted for licensure

11/3/09 – Licensed!

11/10/09 – First call for foster placement.  We turned it down, not the right match.

12/15/09 – Second call for placement; accepted.

12/18/09 – 3 year old Sprout and 6 week old Rosebud join our family!

11/26/10 – 3 day old Daisy (bio sib to Sprout and Rosebud) joins our family!

11/28/11 – TPR petition filed by the state

12/22/11 – TPR hearing turns into TPR trial

1/3/12 – TPR granted

4/16/12 – Adopt 3 beautiful children!

One Comment to “Foster Timeline”

  1. Almost a year?! Yikes! We started our classes in April, had one home inspection and were fostering by the end of July. That wait nearly killed me! Every state is different. I guess ours was desperate!

    Congrats on the foster family success!

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