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March 30, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1) Happy Passover! We survived our first seder despite it being at Sprout’s bed time and on a visit day.  Only two tantrums = successful evening.  Seder #2 is up this evening and hopefully it will go as well. 

2) I’ve been feeling like an uninspired and unmotivated blogger lately.

3) I’ve also been feeling some general apathy and sadness with life which is likely the cause for #2.  Apathy is such a yucky feeling, I hope to shake it soon.

4) I appreciate all the good questions I’ve been getting and promise that the answers are forthcoming.  Maybe I’ll break ’em up into a few posts to make it more manageable.

5) Sprout’s heading into the local children’s hospital for some extensive dental work in a couple of weeks.  It makes me so sad that such an experience was completely preventable. 

6) Bio mom has requested to come to the surgery.  It may be our first meeting.  I’m glad for Sprout that she’s taking interest; however, the anxiety that comes with seeing her probably isn’t the best during a time when he’ll already be quite anxious.

7) Rosebud is almost 5 months old! She’s becoming such a solid little lady. No more squishy newborn.  She smiles constantly and my favorite pastime is gazing deep into her eyes.  She’s going to be amazing – I’m sure of it.

8 ) Our support worker is pushing us to take some respite time.  I think she’s concerned that Sprout’s high needs will burn us out.  We really don’t think he’s that bad.  I don’t think she realizes yet how stubborn we are…and I had no idea how important that quality would be to foster parenting until we got here.  

9) That’s not to say, though, that we’ll never take respite.  I know it’s a valuable resource that is in his best interest to use when needed. 

10) We got a call for another sibling pair, ages almost identical to our current kids.  I turned it down but told A about it later that evening.  I expected a response along the lines of  “yeah, right. do they think we’re crazy?”  Instead she said “That could be fun…and we could always convert the attic into another bedroom…”  She’s caught the bug.

March 22, 2010

Things are looking up

After battling the dreaded 4 month wakeful period all night long, I was thrilled to wake up Saturday morning to find it well past 9am (unheard of!).  I felt so refreshed and renewed having woken up on my own accord, rather than to a screaming child or alarm clock, for the first time since December 18th.

I climbed out of bed, cherishing the ability to move at my own pace, and pulled open the curtains to a flood of warm sunshine.  I was greeted with the most beautiful sight.  Rosebud was laying on a blanket in the yard with streams of sunlight across her belly while she stared intently at the sky, watching branches move with the breeze above her.   Lilly, the dog, layed next to her, similarly sunbathing and tail-wagging while keeping a close eye on her people.  Then there was A, with Sprout as her shadow, working on our shed door that had broken off during the last storm.  I could tell by the way he walked that Sprout was pleased as punch to be A’s right hand man…she had even dug out a tool belt from who-knows-where to complete his look.

I threw on some clothes, poured myself a cup of coffee, and headed out the back door to greet these adorable people I’m blessed to call my family.  Predictably, Sprout was the first to spot me and ran over with a big smile.

“Mommy A’s a tool!”

“Excuse me?”

“Mommy A <he points to her for clarity> is a tool…and I’m Handy Manny!”

A laughs, “Yup, he’s been calling me a tool all morning; isn’t it great?”

Yes, yes it is.  In fact, I couldn’t imagine a greater way to kick off Spring 🙂

March 19, 2010

Winner Winner Pizza Dinner

Wow, is it Friday already??  Sorry to have abandoned ship on my giveaway, but this week suddenly turned into a big ball of fire on me with a trial in texas, a screaming judge, a car crash, and a four month old’s sleep regression.  I’ll never complain about my life being boring again.

To make up for it, I’ll be giving away two pizza and breadstick packs!! I knew with a little bribe you’d forgive me.

And without further ado, Sprout’s chocolatey little fingers have selected the following winners (for the record, he rarely gets chocolate, but we were baking cookies for a party tonight and he didn’t feel like washing his hands.  It wasnt a battle I was going to fight after the week I’ve had):

Sam and Rikki!

and for the half off coupons:

Monica and Emily!

Congrats and enjoy from my family to yours 🙂

Winners, please shoot me an email at ec371 @ aol dot com with your address so I can get those out to you asap.

And speaking of my email address, I’ve got another Q & A post in the works to answer some questions I’ve received over the past few weeks.   If there are any other lingering questions on your mind, please shoot me an email.  I’m an open book, ask away!

March 17, 2010


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March 15, 2010

Rainy Monday Giveaway!

 Coming out of a weekend of gloom and rain, I’m ready for a little excitement in the form of our first giveaway! Whoo hoo!

Most of the time, the Moms2be household strives for healthy eating: fruits, veggies, whole grains, organic where it counts, you get the idea.  But lets face it, once in a while you just need a pizza night.  It’s delicious, its easy, and tomato sauce counts as a health food, right? 😉  So let me brighten your day with a free di.giorno pizza and bread sticks family pack!  It’s the very thing that helped Sprout and I get back to proper footing Friday evening. 

The first place winner will be the recipient of a coupon for a free family pack including a full size pizza, cheesy bread sticks, and marinara sauce.  The second and third place winners will receive a $4 off coupon for the same (half off in my local grocery).   So if you like pizza, leave me a comment with your favorite topping(s)!

Winners will be chosen in the very scientific names-out-of-a-hat method, drawn by an impartial and sometimes sticky three year old hand 🙂

March 12, 2010

Its how I know he loves me

I knew I’d be kicking myself for this post

Mom was a no-show (again) for her visit with the kids early this week and it threw Sprout into a tailspin.  Sad. Angry. Acting out. Testing. Testing. Testing.   And he’s having accidents at school.  A classic reaction for a little boy whose control over this world is slipping rapidly through his fingers.

Of course we’ve dealt with the tantrums before. And the talking back, and the not listening.  But this week has been especially exhausting because now these behaviors are directed and they are personal.  Specifically orchestrated and aimed at me.   And what exceptional aim he has. 

Did I mention I’m exhausted?  He might only be 3 years old and 34 lbs, but he is smart.  So smart and brave and tough that I often forget how young he is – I think that’s a common case with foster children.  They’ve just lived a life so much bigger than their years.  But man, when that child goes to battle he really knows how to bring it, regardless of how misguided his target it. 

It’s okay, though.  When I find myself at the wrong end of his firing range, I just have to remind myself why I’m there.  It’s because I’m safe.  It’s because I can take it. And it’s because I show up, and will every time.  During a rage this morning he screamed at me in his angriest voice: “I LOVE YOU”.  Sprout is a very honest little guy.  He is mad that he loves me.  He doesn’t want to have foster moms.  He doesn’t want to continually fall in love with caregivers just to be ripped away (remember, he came to us via disruption).  He wants to love his mom and have her love him back. 

I get it buddy, I really do.  So tonight before I pick you and your sister from daycare I’ll say a little prayer for the strength to be the soft place for you to land – regardless of the bruises I pick up along the way. 

I’ll also thank God for good wine.  I’m flying solo tonight while the wife visits with some friends and goodness knows – if I survive – I’ll be needing a glass!

March 8, 2010


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March 5, 2010


Because sometimes you just have to laugh…

1) Sprout and I are looking at pictures on the computer.  We eventually come across some wedding pictures and his response? “Wow Mommy! You look like a Princess! A princess with boobies!”.  (umm, thanks?)

2) A and I are having a communication breakdown. Sprout and I are in the car and I’m shouting to A, who’s in the house, trying to tell her where our museum pass is.  I’m getting a little annoyed that she can’t follow my directions and find the darn pass already.  Also, why am I the only one who knows where anything is??  Then a little voice pipes up from the back, “It’s okay Mommy. Sometimes she just doesn’t understand.”  (from the mouths of babes…)

3) Sprout and I make a quick stop to a crowded C.VS.  We’re waiting in the check-out line and he pulls on the bottom of my jacket and mumbles something.  “What did you say buddy?” ::more mumbling:: “Sprout, I need you to speak up. I can’t hear you.”  He looks me dead in the eye, and in his loudest voice states:  “I saaaaiiid I have to POOP. I have to POOP NOW.”  (heard him that time – and so did the rest of the store)

4) Our bedtime routine includes one of us rubbing Sprout’s back and talking about what he’s going to dream about that night.  The other night we were doing just that and I was rattling off a few nice things to dream about and all of a sudden he says, “Thats enough mommy, I want to sleep now.”  (sorry pal, didn’t realize I was keeping you up)

5) Sprout and the moms are sitting at the table drawing pictures.  Mommy A draws a picture of a monkey with big ears and a tail.  Sprout giggles, points, and says “Look, a monkey! Just like Mommy E!”  (gee, thanks buddy)

March 3, 2010

I’ll be kicking myself later

Sprout’s SW just asked me when his last tantrum was.  I had no idea.  I usually answer in the form of hours (a couple hours ago, 24 hours, 48 hours), but this time I couldn’t remember.  We were both speechless.  I pulled out the behavior journal to check and there it was…last tantrum recorded on Super.bowl Sunday (mmm hmm. yup, I remember it.  it was especially bad…and all I wanted to do was enjoy my wings).   

But wait, that was February 7th.  Nearly a month ago.

He’s definitely getting an extra hug tonight.  And when he whines about brushing his teeth or clearing his plate from the table, I’m just going to smile.  That child is amazing, and I need to make a point of peeking out of the trenches more often to recognize it.

March 2, 2010

Protected: Don’t be fooled

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