What are the chances??

At the kids’ “last visit” I passed along a note to mom with an email that I had created specifically for her to communicate with us/the kids.  I checked that email religiously for a while, but then life got crazy and I haven’t checked it for a couple of weeks.  I randomly got the urge to check it tonight.  I’m glad I did because there was a new email waiting from mom.

She sent it 2 hours ago. 

Crazy, right?

Also, yay!

8 Comments to “What are the chances??”

  1. I have a facebook for my 2 boys bio family. That way they get updates and pictures all the time. Before I became a foster parent I was not sure on keeping in contact with bio family but I want my boys to know where they came from.

  2. When things like that happen, I get a chill!

    (On a side note, you can set up the email to automatically forward new messages to your regular email address, so you don’t miss future emails.)

  3. Yay indeed! 🙂

  4. Glad to see she is trying to keep up the contact. What a great gift for your kids.

  5. Tingles! I am so glad she made contact. I know how hard you worked to keep that door open.

  6. Yay! And ditto what snas said about forwarding to your regular email.

    Also–would you mind sharing any other things you have done for future contact? I am on my way to the post office today to look at PO boxes for us/ bio mom. I have draft emails brewing (in my head) for you and our caseworker about such a topic. 😉

  7. This gave me chills! Yay!

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