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March 21, 2013

My “Baby” – XP

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My youngest is now 2 years and 4 months old.  She goes to “school”, runs like the wind to keep up with her big brother and sister, speaks in full sentences (some of which I can understand), is potty trained, and has about a 75% success rate with utensils and regular cups (plastic – please, I’m not that adventurous).

And yet, I can’t stop.  I simply can not stop calling her my baby.

This is absolutely karma coming to bite me because before I was here, in this place with a “baby” of my own, I would roll my eyes at anyone who would refer to a walking, talking, child as a baby.  Quit holding that child back!  Quit babying!

Then I met her.  My older 2 are fiercely independent, content to be left to their own devices and constantly looking towards the future with their stories of “when I am big…!”  If I ever even tried to call them babies in their toddler-hood, the notion was shot down immediately; “I no baby! I big!”  But not my littlest.  She’s got some independence in her own right, but mostly she is happy to be exactly where she is and who she is.  A cuddle bug with spontaneous urges for hugs and kisses which she gives into without hesitation.  Rushing simply isn’t for her.

So we both dance this dance.

We share a sweet little made-up song called…you guessed it: “My Baby” and she asks me to sing it to her daily.  And when she does, the world spins a little slower.  I pull her into my arms, I smell her head just as I did the first time I held her more than 2 years ago, and everything else fades away.

Soon enough there will be no baby left in this child, the world will sweep her up into whatever big plans it has in store, but for now I’m taking a cue from her – I’m not rushing it.


March 18, 2013

10 Signs You May be a Mom – XP

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You know you’re a mom if…


– Your shopping list regularly includes these three things: diapers, goldfish, wine

– You’ve taken photo and/or video of a crying child.

No, I’d never do that…

– You’ve ever said “good luck” instead of “good bye” to a childcare provider.

– The phone rings at 8:30pm and your first thought is, “Who the hell is calling so late?!”

– Your child now runs away every time you put a finger near your mouth shouting, “Don’t put your spit on me!”

– Your workout partners are just not what they used to be.

“Are we done yet???”

– You’ve instructed a child, “we only wipe our own vaginas”…more than once.

– Speaking of, your life involves A LOT of nudity.  And not the fun kind.

Naked Picasso

– You’ve wondered, ‘smeared banana or snot?’ in regards to mystery slime on your sweater.

– You have threatened a child within and inch of his life to smile for a picture, then posted it on Facebook with the caption, “Great Mommy-Son Day!”

No really, that is a natural smile!