January Mama Tips – Snow Edition

12-18″?!  Uh, only if you’re counting in the first 3 hours.  It turned out to be much closer to 24″ when all was said and done.  I have an intimate knowledge of that fact because I was out there at 4am shovelling it after discovering that our plow guy didn’t show.  And that’s the kind of day I’m having.

In other news, its occurred to me lately just how many awesome tips and tricks I’ve gathered from other mamas, some of which have saved my sanity on similar cold, dark, “oh shite, what do I do now?” nights such as the one I had last night.  So I’m going to try to compile some in hopes that someone, somewhere, will benefit from them as I have.

1) If you have 2 babies close in age that are both pacifier fiends, use a different type of paci for the second baby.  Not only will this eliminate the sharing of germs and binking stealing, but it will be helpful when you wish to wean the older baby in that you’ll be able to get rid of all of her pacifiers while still keeping the little one’s.  On a side note, anyone have tips for paci weaning an addicted toddler? ‘Cause I’m scared.

2) Having trouble getting out of their room after the goodnights?  “Just one more hug, pwease” or “little more back wubbies?” Here’s what you do: end your normal night routine by counting back rubs.  This way there is a predictable and specific end to the cuddle time.  You can even do one better by letting them chose the number (within reason) to count to – now they are making the decision and you’ll get their buy in.  This works especially well for us because Sprout doesn’t yet know there are numbers greater than 100.  Added bonus: the kid’s a master rote counter!

3) If your baby is 100% formula fed, DON’T HEAT IT UP!  This tip has saved my 2U2 mind.  There is no reason formula has to be warm.  It’s just as nutritious straight from the fridge, which is exactly how Daisy receives it.  Oh how I wish I knew this tip in the first couple weeks with Rosebud.  But, we can’t turn back time so instead I’ll just savor midnight feedings made up of a simple reach into the cooler bag on my nightstand rather than schlepping to the kitchen.

So that’s January’s edition; stay tuned for next month’s discussion of how to have a preschooler and still sleep in, and a top baby essential that’s also an underrated pantry staple.

3 Comments to “January Mama Tips – Snow Edition”

  1. Did someone say sleep in and preschooler in the same sentence? I am all ears.

  2. I figured out #3 half way through baby #1. It was the most liberating realization I’ve had in parenting. And what a blessing! Ummmm… I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat for Feb’s disccussion. Sleep in???!!! Sold.

  3. I’m with the other ladies…sleeping in with a preschooler…please enlighten me! And what a mama you are out there shoveling snow at 4am…you go girl!:)

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