12-16″ of Snow

That’s the minimum prediction for my area tomorrow.  Schools are already closed and parents across the state are in a sweaty panic wondering what in the world they are going to do with their cooped up kids.  But me? I’m not worried at all.  Cool as a cucumber. ‘Cause we’re gonna be hanging out here…

(Before Pics)

Oh yes, more wall words.  I’ve got to keep my dealer in business.

But watch out wall words…I’ve found a new love.  Her name is chalkboard paint.

And that awesome new office I was going to have?  Well, it seems to have been invaded with toys.  ::sigh::

Eh, who am I kidding? As long as the toys are out of my kitchen/living room/dining room/bathroom, I don’t care where they go!

8 Responses to “12-16″ of Snow”

  1. Ohhh what an AMAZING room! Don’t let your social worker see how big it is- they’ll send you a sibling group of eight next time!!!!!

  2. First, I am totally jealous of your upcoming snow. Second, What a fabulous room!It turned out beautiful. It’s great that they have so much space and you can keep the “stuff” from overtaking the universe. Enjoy your snuggly snow day.

  3. Wow. That is an awesome room (and stuff) to have. Jealous!

  4. Too much time on facebook–I want to “like” Mama Drama’s comment!
    So glad everyone has their own space–with all the little nooks so the family can be together, but in their own space, especially as the kiddos grow up & Sprout has homework…
    Don’t forget about your space too, E! What was your New Year’s Resolution?

  5. Picture Perfect – just like the rest of your adorable home!

  6. What an amazing playroom! You did a fantastic job!

  7. When can I move in? You think I am kidding……. but I’m not.


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