This is my last week home with Daisy.  Her start to daycare next Monday will bring many feelings (sadness, relief) but until then, I’m going to breathe her in deeply and snuggle her close.  My time with her these first couple months has been a challenge, but also a gift that I never got with Rosebud.  So I will spend the next few days cherishing this time as it draws to a close.  Knowing my child as I do, there won’t be much time for blogging but plenty for reading so I’ll take this time for a reminder that if there are any lingering questions out there, don’t be shy and send them my way.  Parenting? Fostering? TTCing? Other? It’s all welcome. Leave a comment or send me an email (ec371 at and I’ll do my best to get to it in the coming weeks (while I’m not in the bathroom crying about missing my teeniest).

6 Comments to “Questions?”

  1. Sorry if this is an off limits question but what’s going on with reunification? I am also curious about what your experience has been as a gay foster parent.

  2. I am also curious about your experience as a gay foster parent. Do you feel it has helped/hindered you in any way?

    Your little ones are in cloth, right? Has the foster system/bio mom had an issue with that?

  3. Hi E! I’m de-lurking to say ditto the other questions and add a couple more. Have you decided if you’ll take more kids if the birth mom has more? What’s it like to parent kids of a different race?

  4. I’m sorry your time at home is up, I can’t imagine… I hope she does well in daycare and you aren’t too heartbroken. Thinking of you, as always.

  5. Enjoy your time! I hope the adjustment is easy for all of you.

    Simeon’s mom is pregnant (I know!) and I’ve been thinking about/fantasizing what it will be like if she doesn’t flee the state before then and we actually get the baby.

  6. If you know more, or are able and/or willing to share more, I’d also love to hear what is going on with the potential reunification.

    Did bio mom have any reaction/resistance/choice regarding the placement of the kids with a lesbian family?

    What kind of process did you go through to get your work to agree to your work-at-home arrangement?

    I feel like there’s a million things I’d love to know about your experiences and your opinions about the system… so when you get the chances I hope you do find some time to keep blogging!

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