She gives me practice

One of the best things about my marriage and my relationship with my wife is the way that she encourages me to see other perspectives and to think in new and creative ways.  The woman challenges me.   A big arena for such a challenge is…..getting her to eat her vegetables.  

Yup.  Right there in that body of a mature, beautiful, adult is a five year old who thinks french fries should qualify as a veggie and won’t touch it if its green.  Well, its a good thing I’m a girl who likes a challenge; in fact, I’ve become a self-proclaimed expert at vegetable disguise. 

Take, for example, last night’s dinner.  Andrea asked for pasta and sauce (note the complete lack of nutrition in this request? how about a veg? protein?? and you know she specifically requested “regular” pasta as opposed to our normal whole wheat).   Ugh. This is what she got….

Step 1:  Saute together:

–  ground turkey breast (its important to be specific about the breast. if you’re just getting ground turkey, its probably not doing you any favors as they often include so much dark and fatty meat – and skin, yuck – that a lean ground beef would have been a better choice)

– two links of turkey sausage (in the E&A house we go for sweet, but if your family is a big jazzier and wants to kick it up a notch with the spicy, be my guest – or, don’t be, since we’ll be too bland for you, but feel free to go spicy at your house)

– handful of diced onion, green pepper, and fresh garlic

– Italian seasoning; and

– (here’s the sneaky part) a full zucchini and yellow squash, grated

Cooking 043

Step 2:  Throw in a 1/2 a jar of marinara and serve it over pasta.

Perhaps you’ll notice that I mixed wheat and white pasta? I’m breaking her in –  slowley but surely folks.

Cooking 045

See? She had no.idea. that her meal consisted of zucchini and squash. Instead, she ate it up and went for seconds.  Victory is sweet.   And I’m going to enjoy chuckling to myself the next time she tells someone that she doesn’t eat zucchini.

Speaking of sweet, the nutritious benefits of dinner quickly dissipated when we moved on to dessert.

Cooking 038

mmmmmm. pina colada cupcakes.  I made these for a coworker’s bday;  she’s pregnant so I couldn’t buy her a drink to celebrate, but I’m thinking she didn’t mind when I showed up with these.

5 Comments to “She gives me practice”

  1. Super sneaky and clever! I hide spinach in everything S eats too 🙂

  2. This recipe sounds delicious J also hates veggies…I may have to try this!

  3. This is too funny b/c Julie hates EVERY veggie, but oh no she doesn’t stop there the ONLY fruit she will eat is banana. Apparently, it’s a texture thing. Well, I’ve been hiding them in her food forever, and I’ll have to try this.

  4. Oooh, good work! We have the same problem in our house, and it seems by your comments that it is not uncommon! Unfortunately, my picky eater (who avoids most veggies and ALL fruits except Granny Smith apples) won’t go near any form of tomato with a ten foot pole. Somehow I doubt I could disguise squash in her butter and olive oil pasta sauce. 😉

    Those cupcakes are adorable!

  5. ooo, getting around tomatoes must be tough! Here’s another trick: the next time you make mashed potatoes (hopefully she eats those!), make it with 1/2 potato and 1/2 cauliflower – I’ve passed this off on many unsuspecting veggie haters with success 🙂

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