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June 26, 2009

It makes me giggle

Am I the only blogger who is highly amused by the search terms that have led people to their blog?

*FYI for non-wordpressers: WP records the specific phrases that people have used in search engines that subsequently led them to your blog’s url. *

Some of my search terms are not that surprising.  For example: bird mobile (this has led 23 unsuspecting folks to my little blog – who knew how popular they were?!),  nature theme nursery, and growing happy family. 

But then there are others that have provided much amusement…

– mommie perhaps

– our family grew by 2 feet

– illuminate connecticut crime

– sewing talking parrots

– pregnant cooking

– running cooking

Running cooking? Who would search for that??  And imagine how disappointed those people who want to ‘illuminate connecticut crime’ were? lol

And the kicker: Tied to a chair because I want her picture

What?!  And want to know why that’s really disturbing? That phrase has 5 hits. 

Who are these people?

June 26, 2009

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