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June 1, 2009

Because I wouldnt want my readers to be out of the loop

Or am I the last to know? 

Put down your rainbows, triangles, and equal signs.  There is a new symbol in town:  

The white knot, representing the quest for marriage equality.  I’ve got one cutely tied to my handbag, and you should too.   Unless you don’t carry a handbag. Then pinned to your shirt, or jeans, or wallet, will do. 

Come on now – everyone’s doin it!

on a side note: yum.

on a side note: yum.

June 1, 2009

Happy June

I woke up this morning with the sun shining, kitty purring, and my wife’s head resting ever so gently on my shoulder.  It was the most perfect way to start a month. I’m feeling refreshed, recentered, and overwhelmingly hopeful.  My heart intuitively knows there are beautiful things to come. 

This weekend was a busy one! Friday evening we attended a gorgeous wedding and had a blast with Andrea’s coworkers.  Saturday we packed our day with a breakfast date, a bridal shower for a dear couple, dinner with my parents, then a bonfire in ourbackyard with a fun group of friends cozied up around it.  Then Sunday we enjoyed brunch by the shore and some time at the beach with my best friend.  It was one of those weekends that was a true celebration of life and I cherished every moment.

I’m hoping June brings you a similar breath of fresh air and plenty of easy smiles.