Scenes from our Sunday

We’re all sitting around the breakfast table enjoying happy chatter – ready to welcome another day.  I’m feeding Daisy when Sprout looks at me in the way that tells me something interesting is about to come out of his mouth.  He says, “When are we getting another baby? I think we’re ready.”

Mommy A chokes on her scrambled eggs.

* * *

I’m playing with Rosebud in the nursery room at Church.  I pick her up and smoosh a big kiss on her chubby cheek (most smoosh-able cheeks in the world!) and she responds with a sweet little “dank oooo.” [for those that don’t speak toddler, that’s “thank you”]. 


* * *

To say we aren’t that into football is the understatement of the year.  I probably couldn’t name 5 football teams if I tried.  But wings, appetizers, and a picnic in the living room? That’s something we can get behind.  We told Sprout that today was a special day and that we’d be getting a fun dinner to eat while watching a movie of his choice (out of our collection of 3).  Considering its been weeks since he watched television, he could really get behind that idea.

We’re in the grocery store waiting in a long choose-your-flavor wings line and Sprout says, “Wow mommy.  Everyone likes to eat chicken with their Stewart Little.”

yes baby, they sure do.

3 Comments to “Scenes from our Sunday”

  1. Sprout is hilarious! In the very small numbers of mice I find adorable, Stewart ranks in the top two. Followed closely by Remmy (from Ratatouille). Which officially makes the only two mice I welcome in my home.

    Rosebud – Cute – Brilliant. You and A – Lucky ducks! And she’s blessed because you know it 🙂

  2. Hilarious! When are you getting another one? Might be about time to explain that 9 month baking time.

    And, wings and Stewart Little sounds about right for a Sunday!

    Smooches all around!

  3. LOL, love them love them love them!!

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