After writing that last post I decided I really needed to do something.  Tired, sluggish, overwhelmed, sad, empty, apathetic…these are not the words that describe successful mothers – or just plain ol’ successful people.  Burdened by those feelings I was unable to be the mother and wife I really wanted to be.  I owed it to my family, myself – and my employer –  to do something about it.  

So I spent a good portion of yesterday being entirely self-centered.  I dropped the kids at daycare, had a leisurely breakfast in the back booth at Pa.nera while reading my book, took a long drive, went to the spa,  soaked up some sun by the pool with a fruity drink in my hand, and took myself out to a nice lunch.  It.was.awesome.  And when I returned? I felt like an actual person again.  Smiles and patience came easy.  I was simply happy and with those cobwebs cleared, I was again able to see joy in its full spectrum. 

Some parents would think that’s a pretty selfish way to spend a day, and they are right.  But I’m interested in raising children who recognize their feelings and do something about it.  Advocate for themselves and aren’t afraid to go after what they need.  If I don’t take care of myself, how will my children ever learn to?

Also, my new haircut makes me feel kinda sassy which is a key ingredient for getting through the day.

4 Comments to “Renewed”

  1. We played hooky yesterday, but brought Miles to daycare as usual. It is sooo important to be able to get out and do things like you used to, and enjoy time with each other or time alone. I totally get it.

  2. You are very wise. I could lern a thing or two from you! I’m glad you enjoyed your day.

  3. Sounds like a great day to me!

  4. If we want to give to our kids, we need to re-fill ourselves every once in a while. Glad you had a refreshing day… you deserve it!

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