Ten Things Tuesday

1) Happy Passover! We survived our first seder despite it being at Sprout’s bed time and on a visit day.  Only two tantrums = successful evening.  Seder #2 is up this evening and hopefully it will go as well. 

2) I’ve been feeling like an uninspired and unmotivated blogger lately.

3) I’ve also been feeling some general apathy and sadness with life which is likely the cause for #2.  Apathy is such a yucky feeling, I hope to shake it soon.

4) I appreciate all the good questions I’ve been getting and promise that the answers are forthcoming.  Maybe I’ll break ’em up into a few posts to make it more manageable.

5) Sprout’s heading into the local children’s hospital for some extensive dental work in a couple of weeks.  It makes me so sad that such an experience was completely preventable. 

6) Bio mom has requested to come to the surgery.  It may be our first meeting.  I’m glad for Sprout that she’s taking interest; however, the anxiety that comes with seeing her probably isn’t the best during a time when he’ll already be quite anxious.

7) Rosebud is almost 5 months old! She’s becoming such a solid little lady. No more squishy newborn.  She smiles constantly and my favorite pastime is gazing deep into her eyes.  She’s going to be amazing – I’m sure of it.

8 ) Our support worker is pushing us to take some respite time.  I think she’s concerned that Sprout’s high needs will burn us out.  We really don’t think he’s that bad.  I don’t think she realizes yet how stubborn we are…and I had no idea how important that quality would be to foster parenting until we got here.  

9) That’s not to say, though, that we’ll never take respite.  I know it’s a valuable resource that is in his best interest to use when needed. 

10) We got a call for another sibling pair, ages almost identical to our current kids.  I turned it down but told A about it later that evening.  I expected a response along the lines of  “yeah, right. do they think we’re crazy?”  Instead she said “That could be fun…and we could always convert the attic into another bedroom…”  She’s caught the bug.

2 Responses to “Ten Things Tuesday”

  1. Amazing how once you start, you can’t stop. These kids are like crack. We just sent one home yesterday and I’ve been praying for my phone to ring all morning.

    I don’t know about the system you’re in, but here we can have “natural helpers” who are friends or family that can help us out if we need a baby sitter. We haven’t finished the paper work, but (ssshhh, don’t tell!) we’ve used my brother and sister-in-law to help us out a couple of times.

    It’s nice to get away for a dinner or a movie. We don’t want a total break from the kids, but it helps to have an evening out once in a while.

    Oh, and I totally feel you on the mom at surgery. Simeon is going to have his adenoids out and we’re facing the same deal, only bio-mom is not in favor of the surgery and wants to battle everything… ugh!

    Hope it works out for you. Maybe a little more sunshine and warmth in the world will help you shake the yips.


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