The kids’ mom that is.  Not a word or a visit since the hearing.  Sad, scared, wistful for how it could have been.

I have a sinking feeling that lifebook isn’t going to happen.

I’m so sad for what this might mean.

14 Comments to “MIA”

  1. Oh no. Hopefully, she just needs time to process the finality of it all and will be able to pull it together to do the lifebook at some point. But I certainly understand the sinking feeling. But on the flip side – it might mean 2012 is the year you get to have that awesome adoption party you have been planning! 🙂

  2. My heart just sank for your three little ones.

    This whole situation must be so bittersweet for you. Of course you want them to be healthy and happy and whole and you know you can provide that life for them. But at the same time, there is a story that still needs to be told.

    I’m thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

  3. Ugh. Sending good thoughts for you and the kids.

  4. Prayers for answers. Stay strong mommies.

  5. Don’t despair quite yet. It is VERY common for birth moms to not exercise their final visits. They can’t deal with the finality of it all. HOWEVER, they come back, if they know the door is open.

    MeMa’s birth mom never showed up for the final visit, even though she was granted three as a term of her surrendering her rights. But she would see her now if geography allowed. She talks to her on the phone, she asks for photos. She just couldn’t see her until it was all “over”.

    Wishing for the best for you!

  6. 😦 Hoping that this is a temporary disappearance. It sounds like the relationship that you have with her so far makes it more likely that she will eventually be able to re-connect.

  7. Sorry for more uncertainty in these kids life. Hopefully eerything is settled soon

  8. Sorry you’re going through so much stress – it’s the last thing you or your kids needs right now. But I do agree with CJ. It seems very likely to me that if she knows the door is open (and I think you and A have done everything possible to make this clear) that she’ll want the future connection as much as you and your children do, after things are settled. Don’t despair!

  9. I’m so sorry. We had the same thing happen with LMC’s father. He promised us letters for her and a special visit and then he just vanished. Sadly, it’s really common. I

    hope that she does, at the very least, send along photos or a letter for them. I know this wasn’t what you has hoped for and I’m sorry you all have to deal with another layer of hurt and disappointment. I am especially thinking of Sprout. ((HUGS))

  10. I am so sorry. I can only imagine the mixed up emotions that those little ones are going though, but you are their rock. Their mom is probably going through so many of her own emotions as well, but I hope she can put aside her feelings and focus on what’s best for the kids. HUGS.

  11. I’m dittoing a few pp, but hopefully this is just a temporary inability to cope with the finality of it, and she will soon come to her senses. 😦 Sending out good ju-ju for ALL of you.

  12. I hope this is a sign that she knows what is best for her kids… you and A. I keep hoping for a good update. Thinking of you, A and your 3 little ones.

  13. Wow that’s heavy. Ditto the pp’s comments, I hope she is able to come around with time. Hugs to your family…

  14. Such sad, conflicting emotions. Big prayers for all of you–especially Sprout.

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