Date Set

I’ve got a date set to meet up with bio mom and Blossom in the very near future – she responded almost immediately to my ‘offer of support’ email.

I haven’t told the kids yet in case it doesn’t pan out, but I’m cautiously hopeful.  I want nothing more than to be able to tell her dads and brothers that I’ve checked on her and she’s okay.

Crash course 101 in making the best of a tough situation.

4 Comments to “Date Set”

  1. I can’t believe you are having to do this.

  2. Hugs sweetie. I so hope it works out.

  3. I hope she follows through and that Blossom is okay. I will never understand this system. Never.

  4. What an incredibly difficult situation. How happy that their bio mom has her life together enough that this is a possibility, but how very heartbreaking for her foster dads and brothers. I hope she does follow through and you can check on Blossom and know she’s okay.

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