Wordless(ish) Wednesday

I ordered the pillow.  I didn’t exactly tell him it was from her, but I didn’t correct him when he made the assumption either.

The happiness on his face.

The connection and security he has found.

It may not have been the textbook correct solution to the dilemma, but I have no regrets.

sponge bob

They don’t make textbooks for these things anyway.


ps – that night was the one our pup Lilly passed away.  I had just given Sprout the pillow a few hours earlier, clueless to just how much comfort he would be needing that night.  A mother’s intuition, I guess.

4 Comments to “Wordless(ish) Wednesday”

  1. precious boy…sounds like your intuition was right…and no, they definitely don’t make a textbook for any of this, do they?

  2. No textbooks for sure. Always trust your gut, mama.

  3. Hi! I just read your entire blog, start to finish! As another gay foster mom, thanks so much for writing 🙂

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