Top Posts of 2012!

Well, considering the near complete silence for the past few months (more on that later), 2012 probably wasn’t my best blogging year.  Regardless, my faithful readers have continued to check in and follow our family story and it means so much to me.  This blog started out as one of many lesbian TTC stories, morphed into a foster care and adoption journey, and 2013 will be me finding a new voice.  What will my role be now?  It is yet to be seen, but I have the deepest appreciation for all of you who are right there with me, waiting to find out.

And now a look back…the top 5 (okay, 6) posts of 2012:

1. Surprise

It was the second time I had written a post with that title, but this time a much different ending.

2. The Answer to a 2+ Year Long Question

Gosh, what a night that was.  Hardly feels like it was nearly a year ago!

3. A Crazy Morning

The morning we realized we had made a mistake and found out it was too late.  The regret still haunts me.

4. A tie between Through the Years and I Think its Going to be a While

Finally, finally, finally, you get to see their beautiful faces.

5. A Carnival Adoption Party

But, of course!



One Comment to “Top Posts of 2012!”

  1. It’s been wonderful to read about your family’s journey this year–thank you for sharing your story. Hoping for many more good things for you in the new year.

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