The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good:

– So yes, we’ve been having a lovely time getting to know Blossom and her family.  It is so crazy how life works out!  The dads are great and the kids all get along fabulously – their two older children are the same.exact.ages as Sprout and Rosebud. Was this whole thing scripted or what?? 

– We had an amazing Cape Cod vacation. It was the first trip where I was feeling like I could have stayed longer and done more.  The kids are at such fantastic ages right now, I want to bottle it up.  I just love those bugs.

Meegs and I have been running! She’s the best running buddy ever. We’ve made it to week 6/7 of C25K and it actually feels good! In 2 months I’ll be turning 30 and have decided that I’m going to run a 5k to celebrate.  I’m feeling good physically, mentally, and spiritually which is exactly the way I want to ring in my 30’s.  I’ve got plenty of work left to do on my health (as you can see since I just posted a picture of myself in a swim suit ON THE INTERNET, who the hell am I??) but feeling like I’m finally on my way is the best.

– I’ve found a nice rhythm and balance to my life (at the moment).  Having climbed off the emotional rollercoaster and court calendar, I can focus on things like running, home improvement projects, and new blogging endeavors. Good stuff.

The Bad:

– Its been more than 6 months since we’ve seen bio mom.  We’ve exchanged a few emails and she’s expressed interest in a visit, but it just hasn’t come together.  This is by far the longest Sprout has ever gone without seeing her and it shows.

– On a related note, Sprout’s behavior over the past couple weeks has been a nightmare.  I mean, really bad ya’ll.  I’m getting pretty tired of him taking his anger with her out on me, but I suppose that’s the gig.   

The Ugly:

– 2 years 8 months of parenting Sprout and we’ve had a new behavior emerge.  Clearly trauma related and very unsettling – both the behavior itself, and the fact that we are still coming across new things.  Back to the professionals we go.  Also, this is the reason we haven’t taken more placements…


2 Responses to “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”

  1. That good stuff is awesome. I’m so glad that you decided to do the c25k too! As for the bad and the ugly… I’m sorry that Sprout is having so much trouble right now. Poor kid has had to deal with more heartache in his young life then most people do in their first 20 years. I hope he is able to work through it soon, and get back to the “normal” kid new behaviors!


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