Movie Fail – or not?

Some of you may know by now that I’m a big movie fanatic.  Silent films, chick flicks, movies with subtitles, horror and suspense…count me in for them all! Pre-kids A and I used to go to at least 1-2 movies a week and its by far the thing I miss the most from that life. 

Lately I’ve been noticing how grown-up Sprout and Rosebud are and got the brilliant idea to have a “big kids” outing and take them to the movies.  SO EXCITED.  I’ve been thinking of this for weeks and carefully researched movies (thank you to finally select: Brave. 

The day arrived and it was so stinking hot outside that I wanted nothing more than to slump down into those familiar theatre seats and enjoy a good movie with my kiddos. 

Things went really well…for the first 5 minutes…

I totally overestimated Rosebud’s attention span for screen time.  We don’t watch much TV at home so I should have seen this coming but she really couldn’t have cared less.  Which meant she wanted to talk about where sissy and mama were…or what she had for lunch yesterday…or what her BFF Sammy said on Friday…all VERY LOUDLY. 

I solved that problem by breaking out the snacks.  Okay, good. Now she’s sitting and quiet and finally the movie is starting (why the hell are the previews for children’s movies so long??).

We made it through about 20 minutes of the movie with Rosebud sort of being quiet and only changing seats 6 times.  And that’s when Sprout said, “I don’t like this movie.  All this fighting is making my brain do karate in my head.  Can we leave?”

And so we did. 

I wanted to be bummed, but how could I be? I’m so impressed with Sprout lately and can’t believe the transformation in him.  It used to really frighten me how was drawn to violence like a moth to a flame but now he immediately identifies it as a trigger and gets himself out of the situation. 

Wow, wow, wow.  It’s crazy to be standing here – on the other side looking back – and seeing what a different child I have now than I did.

2 Comments to “Movie Fail – or not?”

  1. That is incredible!

  2. What a success! You have an amazing family. Thanks for sharing them with us!

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