School’s Out for the Summer

Well, tomorrow it will be anyway. 

And just as with all transitions, the behaviors are back. So I’ve been up to my arms in temper tantrums (and not from my toddlers…), whining, and talking back.  Its joyful, really.

But on a brighter note, I came across two fantastic end-of-the-school-year ideas recently. 

The first idea, stolen from a brilliant FB friend, was to have your child’s teachers write a note in a book at the end of every year.  Then, when they graduate, you’ll have an awesome gift to present to them with notes from all the teachers who helped them along the way.  Sprout’s kindergarten note is so sweet – I’m really excited to see the book fill as the years go on.

The second was this post about what gifts teachers really want…and what they don’t.  So, instead of spending my time combing the internet for cutesy end of the year teacher gifts, I wrote a letter about exactly what Sprout’s teacher meant to us this year and how grateful we were for her support, knowledge, and dedication.  I sent it to the superintendent of schools with a copy to her and the principal.  She immediately wrote back saying how much the letter meant to her.  I didn’t spend a dime, and yet, she said it was one of the best gifts she has ever gotten.  She made me get all misty when she included how much she enjoys Sprout and genuinely loves him.

And that gave me my best idea of all:  Sprout could be my end of the year teacher gift! Here ya go Mrs. M – the fun doesn’t have to end! Keep him all summer!

Kidding, kidding! (mostly…)

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