If you blog it…

Strange how the universe answers my random blogging calls. 

As I alluded to in my other post, we haven’t heard from bio mom in quite a while.  Sprout has been handling it surprisingly well (I expected him to lose it on our recent vacation since distance has historically been a bigger trigger than time), but it’s clearly on his mind – as it is on mine.

I recently sent another email on a whim and was happy to get a quick response! Such a nice gift for Sprout, whose birthday is in a few days.  She was even open to planning a visit – and you know how much I’ve been hoping for that!

But then there was the other part.  The ‘oh by the way not sure if you’ve heard but I had another baby and am doing great and am getting her back soon’ part.


Lots to feel about that. 

Happy for her? (I mean, it was once my prayer

Scared for Blossom’s current parents? (it all seemed so meant to be)

I don’t even know.  But what I do know is that it’s added confirmation of what my heart has been starting to accept: Blossom was not meant to be my daughter. 

I’m so very grateful, for myself and my children, that we are not the family on the other end of mom’s reunification attempts and are able to have this perspective instead.

2 Comments to “If you blog it…”

  1. Foster care has so many mixed emotions. I’m happy for you and your kids that this is not your rollercoaster to ride this time around. Only time can reveal who will raise Blossom, but it’s clear that there will be a lot of uncertainty and heartache involved. You were right when you said it was too much, too close, too soon for Sprout, and for the rest of you too. I hope you can get some visiting in and that it will be positive for all of you.

  2. We are in just this position with our soon-to-be-adopted Grover. Bio mom is pursuing reunification with the baby she gave birth to about six months ago. Baby has been in and out of her foster home twice. I know my child could not handle this, no matter how hard the decision was to have her placed elsewhere. I have so sympathized with your posts on this subject.

    I hope that all works out for a visit, or for whatever contact Sprout needs to have at this time. Glad that you’ve been able to reopen lines of communication.

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