Kids Under Pressure

Yesterday I was doing something I often do…enjoying the sunshine of a beautiful day at the playground.  A smaller one than we usually go to and we happened to have the place to ourselves.  That felt like a sweet bonus at the time. 

Rosebud asked to go on the swings so I threw the baby on my hip and we headed down the hill to the swing set.  In the same moment that I looked back to make sure Sprout was following, my foot landed in a hole and I fell.  So did Daisy.  Let me assure you that falling while holding a baby (and consequently dropping her) is the Worst.Feeling.Ever.

Thankfully at 18 months old she’s quite sturdy and the fall to the soft grass did nothing more than startle her.

My ankle on the other hand?  No bueno. 

So here I am: alone with three kids, one of whom is hysterical, with a badly sprained ankle.  Sure, I’ve encountered worse situations, but lets just say this one wasn’t fun.

But, as I hobbled back to the car, something really cool happened.  For the first time, I got to see my kids kick into ‘problem solving mode’ without any guidance from me.  First, I was impressed that they didn’t get upset when I said we had to go despite just having arrived – they probably saw it in my eyes.

Then, Rosebud looked up at me and said sternly, “I need the phone. I call Papa to bring shovel and fix that hole!”  

When we arrived home, Sprout and Rosebud sprung out of the car and seamlessly executed their emergency plan as if they had practiced for “mommy sprains her ankle at the playground” a thousand times.  Sprout took a sippy cup and filled it with milk; that, along with the handful of toys he grabbed, worked instantly to calm the crying Daisy.

Meanwhile, Rosebud was on ice duty and stuffed her arms with as many ice packs from the freezer as she could.  The little sweetness even thought to take a towel so the ice “wouldn’t be too cold on the boo boo.”  After I took up the position she designated on the floor, she buried my foot in ice packs as she would sand at the beach.  She inspected her work and declared, “Okay mommy, jus a little longer and you will feel all better.”

That is about the time A arrived home.  Sprout saw the worry on her face and assured her, “Mama, don’t worry.  Mommy is going to be okay.  We got this.”

14 Responses to “Kids Under Pressure”

  1. Soooooooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and hope your ankle heals quickly!

  2. That is just awesome. Isn’t it great when kids are even better than you could have hoped they’d be? Hope your ankle feels better!

  3. So so sweet. The “we got this” made me tear!! Such amazing kids you have!

  4. Oh my goodness. Okay, we all know you have three amazing children, But really, how awesome. They are such sweet hearts.
    Feel better soon!

  5. And a total testament to your awesome parenting that Sprout didn’t get shaken up by a little bit of chaos and uncertainty. I’ve known other foster kids who really couldn’t handle that amount of “the plan is changing RIGHT NOW”. That’s a sign that he’s feeling real stability in his life. Good for you!!

  6. 1. Love your new header picture.
    2. I’m puddlin’ up something bad over here. That was beautiful!
    3. I am convinced that moments like this are some of the best for teaching our kids to be successful adults. At the grocery store recently, I stood in line behind a family with two deaf parents and three hearing children. The oldest child did so much of the managing, not the parents weren’t obviously capable. And I thought that little girl is going to grow up to be something great. And I thought about my own kids. They don’t have to care for us, but they work so hard to care for each other and I count each tender touch, or kind word a miracle.
    4. Your kids are amazing. What lucky parents you are!

  7. “we got this”…..amazing amazing children you have….raised by you amazing amazing parents.

  8. I can relate to your fear of falling with your baby. A year ago March I fell with Annie and turned to take the fall so I wouldn’t land on her. I landed on my right elbow breaking it. It is such a scary feeling to know you are going down.

    Glad the kids handled things so well. Sounds like a good bunch of nurses you have taking care of you.

  9. Aww! It is a testament to the ways that you guys care for them that these kids are able to take care of you so well.

  10. So cute!

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