Getting Healthy – Update

Remember a while ago when I was trying to get healthy? Well, the quest still continues.

The summer through the fall went pretty well.  But then the winter came and along with it the holidays, and before I knew it, I was right back in a place of feeling hopeless about my weight and just plain bad about myself.  Ugh, why??

I was frustrated, fed up, and desperate for something that would finally work. 

And that’s about the time when a friend introduced me to Whole30 .  And I thought she was crazy.  I mean, sure, happy for her and all…she felt good, looked great…but me? No sugar or processed anything for 30 days. Ha! No way.  That is so not me. 

Except then I gave it a go on a whim and as it turns out…it is me!  I completed my 30 days on May 18th, am down 11.8lbs, and feel awesome.

And you know what is the most crazy thing?  It wasn’t hard.  Seriously! It wasn’t. 

It absolutely required planning and preparation, but no more so than any other “diet” I’ve ever been on.  All the cravings I expected to have just never came.  I felt satisfied every day and wasn’t hungry once. 

In the Whole30 materials, one of the first things it says is that if you are committed and stick to the plan for 30 days, it will change your life.  I rolled my eyes.  Yet another diet promising the answer to my 25+ year struggle with weight…yeah right.

But, actually, it did.  Not in any kind of huge and dramatic way but in lots of small important ways.  Things like:

– I actually DO have willpower.  I’ve been down on myself for so long for having no self-control or no willpower.  But clearly, I do.  It’s just a matter of having a plan that works and eating the things that keep my body in balance to keep the cravings in check.  In fact, I feel so powerful over food now.

– I don’t need sugar. Or bread. Or processed foods. Or pasta.  Or, or, or…This way of eating is sustainable.  That is still so crazy to me.

– On a related note, limiting my food or having a “restricted” diet doesn’t make me miss out on life AT ALL.  I’ve been to parties, out to eat at restaurants, on dates, and have left all those things just as happy and satisfied as I would have if I ate the cake or appetizer or whatever.  In fact, I felt better.

– I’m sleeping so well.  Lots of people talk about this benefit and it is amazing.  Also no heartburn, more energy, and no sore muscles after working out (that shows me how strong my body is and how happy it is with way I’m eating). 

– My tastes have completely changed. One of the things I had been really missing is my star.bucks latte.  So on day 31 I went out and got one.  It was not good.  Way too sweet (even the sugar-free) and made me feel like crap for the rest of the day.  I have no desire to do that again.  Same goes for the sip of previously beloved soda I stole from A this weekend – yuck.  And these things are what makes this way of eating sustainable…I truely have no desire to go back to eating what I was before.  I have no cravings b/c it just doesn’t sound good to me any more.

– Similarly, my appetite is finally in balance.  That is really nice.  There are some “junk foods” that still taste good to me – like this weekend when we went to a pizza place.  I had some pizza and it tasted good.  But it wasn’t  the OMG-wonderful-I’ve-been-missing-you-so-much kind of good I might have expected.  I had 4 bites and was legitimately satisfied with that.

– Stress is no longer a reason NOT to eat well, but rather a reason TO eat well. This past month has been insane.  Of course there is all the typical stuff with being a working mom of 3 young children.  Sprout has been struggling a lot with his behavior.  Family drama coming out of my ears.  I’m trying to close a big deal at work.  Unexpected bills. Car trouble.  You name it.  Its been the kind of stressful that would have previously sent me to the nearest box of donuts.  But having Whole30 to fall back on has been so nice – something positive to focus on and something that I know I have control over since so much in life I don’t.  Not to mention the mental clarity and feeling good helped immensely in dealing with all the stress.

I could go on and on about the good.  Basically: it was really good.

As for what was difficult…not much.  Mostly the just the prep.  It’s not as easy to grab things on the run and we are often out of the house all day long so my evenings were spent thinking about what I would need to have on hand for the next day and getting it all prepared.  Also, the sugar detox in the first few days was hard.  I felt like crap and thought, “no way is this a good thing if I’m feeling so bad.”  But I’m glad I pushed through because it was absolutely worth it and now I see that it was simply my body getting rid of all the junk I was putting into it.

It’s funny because, as I said above, when I first heard about the plan I thought it was craziness.  I’m very much an “everything in moderation” type person and could never imagine myself doing something even remotely this restrictive.  On paper, it is so not me.  But, I was in a desperate place where I knew I needed a change.  I was unhappy and needed to reset myself.  So, I figured I’d give this a go.  Surely I could at least do it for a week.  And then I got to a week and said, “well, it’s not that bad yet – I guess I can do 2 weeks”.  Once I had done 2 weeks, I was half way there and didn’t want to waste what I had already done, and then the days just started easily falling into the next. 

In fact, I’m mentally planning my next Whole30…afterall, I’ve got an adoption party I need to feel good for!

Questions? I welcome them all.  And its okay if you think I’m a little crazy 🙂

3 Comments to “Getting Healthy – Update”

  1. That looks really interesting! Did you buy the Success Guide, or just go off the basic info on the website?

  2. Congrats on finding something that works for you! I think that is the hardest part!

  3. So so psyched for you! I’ve been a Crossfitter for a few years and did Whole30 a couple years ago. It was a total game changer for me. Way to go!

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