Friday Funny

This morning we were back at the playscape where I’ve often been embarrassed by my kids, so why should today be any different?

It was just me and Rosebud as she is recovering from getting her tonsils out on Monday.  Sidenote: she is not even supposed to be at the playscape but the little bugger convinced me that she wanted to go there “just to look”.  At 2 years old. I’m in trouble.

Anyway, back to the story.  We are gently swinging on the tire swing and I notice that Rosebud is staring at a woman sitting nearby.  She does this often as she’s getting more and more aware of people around her.

“What are you looking at honey?”

“That b*tch over there.”

OMG – what?? And she totally just said that loud enough for the entire playground to hear.

“What did you just say??”

[even louder this time] “That b*tch mommy! You see that b*tch??”


“Mommy, you see that lady sittin on the b*tch??” [of course that part she said quietly]

“Oh thank goodness. The BENCH?  You see the nice lady on the bench?” [hell yes I said that part loud enough for the entire place to hear.  you know, just in case.]

“Yes mommy. Dat’s what I said. Why you yell?”

7 Comments to “Friday Funny”

  1. I would have died,literally just died. Oh Rosebud,way to keep mommy on her toes!

  2. OMG. HA!!!!!

  3. lol I remember when my son would say truck but would sound like the f word. so funny.

  4. HA! That’s great. Gwen has two words right now that always sound like c*ck, and at least one that sounds like f*ck. We always do a double take before we realize what she’s trying to say!!

  5. I read this story to my wife this morning on the ride to work. She laughed so hard and said that her face would have been so red. I think i would have laughed my butt off. LOL

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. hahahaha

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