I’m such a sucker for a sibling group

We decided to add a brother and sister to our happy-crazy crew.   They are 5 years old and fit right in!

Meet Max and Mindy 🙂

Max is a little more serious and reserved but adores the baby.  The volunteers at the shelter said they had never seen him so excited as when he was with her.

He does not let Daisy out of his sight – and that’s just fine by her.

Mindy is a friendly, energetic love-bug!

She already adores Sprout and is so thrilled to have someone to play chase with!

We are so in love. And crazy. But mostly in love 🙂

5 Comments to “I’m such a sucker for a sibling group”

  1. They are so cute! Congrats on your newest additions.

  2. So much cuteness! What a great family 🙂

  3. Darling! I can see how they add to the crazy, happy life you all have. 🙂 Lots of love to share in your home!

  4. They are darling! How much fun for the kids.

  5. This is too much cuteness for me to stand.

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