Wake up Call

The other day A came home with some hand-me-downs from a woman she works with whose children are all grown up now.  The haul included a big bag of baby dolls, clothes, bottles, and other baby-care items (including a bj.orn type baby carrier!). 

The kids were in heaven!  Every day since they’ve been playing babies and its been very interesting for me to watch as so many of the words that come out of their mouthes as they play with the babies are words that have come out of mine.  There have been sweet and heartwarming moments like when RB was putting her baby “nigh nigh” but the baby wouldn’t stop crying.  Sprout said so gently to her, “Remember, we don’t let our babies cry.  Do you want me to rock her?”  Oh dear goodness, I had to leave the room to wipe away my tears. 

But there have been eye-opening moments too.  One that really stuck out in my mind was when the children were role-playing the same scene but handled it differently – indicative of the different ways we speak to each of them. 

Both children were pretending to be in the car with their babies when, uh oh! the baby has to go potty!

Rosebud’s response: “I’m sorry honey.  We are almost home.  You can make it.”

Sprout’s response: “You should have gone before we left the house.  Now you have to hold it a little longer.”

hmmmm.  Nothing wrong, per se, with either response…but I sure do like Rosebud’s better.

2 Comments to “Wake up Call”

  1. This reminds me of so many of Simeon’s “make believe” conversations. One of my most favorite ever:

    Toy 1: You’d better stop it now, I’m losing my patience!!!
    Toy 2: It’s Ok. Just try to remember where you put it and we’ll look there first…

    I guess that explains why he doesn’t seem to register that a behavior change is needed when I say I’m losing my patience. He’s actually thinking this crazy woman just can’t keep up with her patience and needs someone to help her find it!

  2. E, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re an a–maaaa–zing mama.

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