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February 3, 2012

No Pressure…

The day of the “final” visit is fast approaching and I’m kinda freaking out.  There are just so many different ways this could go. 

I’m on draft #2987234587 of the letter I want to give to mom. I need it to say everything that I want to say to her since I’ll have to pass it to her through Sprout.  Then there are all the little questions like handwritten or typed? (to answer this question you should  know that I have terrible handwriting)  Send a gift or is that too “final visit”-y?  And what in the world would I send?  I’d also love to send Sprout with a camera since I have no pictures of mom with the kids, but could that come off wrong?

Oy. It’s just not easy navigating such an important relationship with a woman I hardly know.