Final Visit?

Mom resurfaced and a date has been set for her final visit with the children. 

During the call she was also told that we would be adopting the children and wished to have her continue to be a presence in their lives.  The social worker reported that mom sounded “positive” with respect to the news. So we’ll see. 

And wait and pray and hope that this isn’t actually the final visit at all.

5 Comments to “Final Visit?”

  1. That is wonderful news. Prayers for a wonderful visit and a start to a great new begining.

  2. I hope this is far from the final visit and she can see you for the wonderful people you are. Staying involved in her children’s lives is such a powerful gift she can give them.

  3. I pray it isn’t so. That was a difficult visit for us (me and Leo, not so much for Simeon. Go figure.) I pray it’s a smooth one for all of you.

  4. Woo hoo. Hopefully soon you guys can get on with building a direct relationship with bio-mom! (Is it bad to say that you can learn how to parent a grown up too? 😉 )

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