The Talk

Today the kids’ social worker is coming over for a routine visit and I’ve asked her to be the one to deliver the news to Sprout.  She admitted that even after 10 years in her job, that talk still makes her nervous and she’s never quite sure if she’s saying it right.  Which confirms my suspicions…there just isn’t a “right way” to tell a child such a thing.

On a side note, I found out where mom has been the past few weeks…

in rehab.

I don’t know why, but that makes me want to cry.

8 Comments to “The Talk”

  1. Wow. Good to know even “they” don’t know the right words.

    Is my countdown correct…. just a few more days til it’s official?

    And, yup, brought tears to my eyes. There is hope for future connections (and that lifebook) after all.

  2. Oh, wow. Well, that’s probably the best place for her at the moment? I mean, better there than out using, right? I sure hope that she can be a part of the kids’ lives.

  3. I pray for the talk. I pray it is one that brings peace and closure. Though there never really is closure, is there? I guess I pray it brings peace and helps him build his story. I pray for you guys, too.

    I know our kids are not the same, no two are, but after we told Simeon, it was like he was a new kid. I think somehow he knew he wouldn’t see his mom again, and it finally gave him a reason why. It also have a chance to really give in to us.

    It was a really good thing. I pray the same for y’all.

  4. My heart breaks for your BM, I’m so glad she was able to recognize she needed help and went for it.

    I really do believe wise Mr. Sprout knows this talk is coming and in his own way, will be ready for it.

  5. I hope the talk went well. Thinking about you guys.

  6. There are some things that there is just no good way to say.

    I’m glad bio mom is in rehab. I was worried for you and her and your children that her disappearance could mean drug binge, and I don’t know whether that’s what lead to this…but rehab is positive. It may be too late for her to pull herself together to be a legal parent, but maybe she can do it and still have the contact that you could all benefit from.

    I hope your social work visit went well. I’m thinking of you a lot in these next few days that I’m sure will be emotional for all of you, and continue to be hopeful that they don’t bring any surprises.

  7. You are certainly in a tough space. I hope that the talk goes well and isn’t too emotionally draining. I’m sure that it will be hard but I send you strength.

  8. Thought about you all a lot last night. Prayers for strength, understanding, and peace being sent your way – and BM’s.

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