Can’t he save it for home?

You know how they say that kids are always the worst for their parents?

Well that’s so not Sprout and I’m wishing it was. 

At home he’s been perfectly fine – really pretty good and cooperative, actually. 

At school? a nightmare. 

Obviously I know where it’s coming from – he’s got a lot on his mind right now.  But ugh, I’d really rather he save the crazy for when he got home once in a while…

2 Comments to “Can’t he save it for home?”

  1. I’ve picked C up in the principal’s office 2x in 2 weeks. The parental walk of shame. Hope things get better for Sprout.

  2. Thinking of all of you…especially Sprout…(and secretly wishing you could invite us bloggy folks when it’s truly time for that cotton candy machine…yum!)

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