A Year in Review – Part 1

Wow.  I mean, seriously – wow.  Looking over the past year I’m stunned by the roller coaster.  Where we’ve been, where we are now, where we are heading…what a year!

In January I wrestled with many mixed emotions.  Sprout did too.  But, I still think about that amazing breakthrough we had and the good progress that we made with mom.  We also got a ridiculous amount of snow, but it gave us the chance to make use of the new playroom.

In February we got some sad commentary on the state of other foster homes.  Then I shared my secret to sleeping in (btw, this still works like a dream…no pun intended) and to cloth diapering.

In March Sprout and I had a wonderful time on our Yes Day!  I was also really struggling with the pain of infertility – so I got myself some help.  Meanwhile, the case was transferred to a new worker and we were shocked with the news of a potential family resource.  Let’s also not forget that, uh, interesting phone call from daycare.

April brought us a lovely trip to meet some friends.  We discovered on that trip that Rosebud had a bit of a stealing issue.  Thankfully that’s been resolved.  April was also the month that they first started throwing around the “A” word! Which led to a daydream (or 10,000).  I also shared with you the prayer that I still constantly whisper to myself.  Please God let them be three less.

In May we spent a lot of time at the playscape in town where Sprout simultaneously embarrassed me and made me proud.  Rosebud turned 18 months old and there were days I didn’t think we were going to make it to 19 – but that remains one of my favorite posts ever.  Then came Mother’s Day when we were informed of the state’s plans to file TPR that month (ha!), but it wasn’t all good news.  And the month ended with a hospital stay that involved more than just physical healing.

June came and we got creative to find Sprout some peace.  Though there were highlights, the struggles were still great.  Thankfully, Sprout’s therapist knew just what to say.  This is also the month we got our first contact from mom – I’ll never forget it.  We also celebrated a special birthday and the first of many graduations!

whew, and that’s just half of it! Part 2 to come…

4 Comments to “A Year in Review – Part 1”

  1. This just might be my all time favorite post.

  2. I’m new to your blog but am already captivated by your family’s story. I love this post. Am looking forward to Part 2.

  3. Love it! What a wonderful story your past year has been! I wish many wonderful new discoveries and exciting turns to come. But more than anything I wish love and joy to be in abundance! Happy New Year Mommies!!!

  4. Okay first let me apologize– I read this post but totally forgot to come comment on it! I think it is because the comments are weird and don’t work right on the iPad- have seen a few other wordpress with similar formats that have that problem.

    I love loved this recap! I clicked on several links that I will be reading. I was a permanency worker for DCFS for a couple of years- so definitely peaked my interest.
    Thanks for linking up, I have your point recorded.

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