Cross your fingers for us…

Just back from the attorney’s office where we drafted an open adoption proposal* for mom.   I have no idea if she’ll accept it, but our attorney was hopeful.  As if I wasn’t already holding my breath…


*The proposal basically states that in exchange for mom voluntarily consenting to the termination of rights, we would offer her a certain amount of post-adoption contact.  As her attorney will explain to her, it may be worth it for her to accept the deal (or a further negotiated one) because in the event that she goes through with the TPR trial and it is awarded, we/the state will have no obligation to continue contact.

9 Responses to “Cross your fingers for us…”

  1. I hope she takes it. I can’t wait until your kids are yours forever. They couldn’t have a better place or better moms.

  2. So much excitement!!! My fingers and toes are crossed for you guys! If you’re interested in sharing, is Sprout being kept up to date on these developments, or how/when will you share with him?

  3. Wow…just wow!!! I am so very excited for you all and hope that all continues to go well as things move forward. Thinking of you…hugs.

  4. I am so excited for your family. I hope things continue to move smoothly going forward.

  5. I so remember this much hope, this much doubt, this much fear… prayers, blessings, love…

  6. WOW! WOW! WOW! Hoping for wonderful things for all of you.

  7. Awesome. i hope for the sake of her, the kids, and you all she accepts and understands what I gift this is under the circumstances as they are. Hope 2011 ends with incredible news.

  8. So exciting. And I’m pumped your attorney is hopeful! 🙂


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