Yesterday’s note from mom…

Indicated that she was going to start working on a lifebook for the kids so they could always have pictures of their biological family.

That’s got to be a “good” sign, right?

And also, really amazing.  What a gift that will be.

15 Responses to “Yesterday’s note from mom…”

  1. That pretty much tells me she’s going to do what’s right for them and not fight the system. It will also ensure she has a better chance at having a POSITIVE relationship with them (and you) down the road!

  2. Two amazing gifts in one 🙂

  3. It brings tears to my eyes. I hope she follows through for Sprout, Rosebud and Daisy. What an amazing gift that will be.

  4. How difficult this must be for her and what a gift that will be for your children. I pray this goes seemlessly for everyone involved.

  5. Okay, this made me tear up. That definitely seems like a very positive sign. I know this must be so hard for her, but I’m hoping that she sees you guys love the crap out of those kids and that you will give them a life, that for whatever unfortunate reason, she can’t. I’m sending thoughts and prayers her way.

    And yes, what a beautiful gift for your kids to have.

  6. What a beautiful gift, in more ways then one.

  7. Tears here too. It really sounds like she’s coming to terms with how to love her kids and make sure they get what they need at the same time. I hope your three always know how loved they are by all three of their moms. 🙂

  8. What a wonderful gift, to all of you! I tried so hard to to get that for my girls but they refused. I am so happy your kids will have those memories. And yes,it does seem as though she may be trying to make peace with what is coming.

    I am so happy this is shaping up to be a wonderful holiday season for you. ((hugs))

  9. I hope so! It strikes me as a really loving thing for her to do for the kids, and perhaps (hopefully?) an acceptance that they have a terrific family that can provide better than she can, for whatever reasons it is she can’t.

  10. It is so great that your kids will have that connection to their history. I can’t imagine how hard this will be for her. How amazing she will give them this gift.

  11. Wow, that’s amazing. I hope it does mean she isn’t going to contest. These three kids are soooo lucky to have 3 moms who love them.

    And I’m glad that you did have the opportunity to meet her recently – I think that the lines of communication you opened with her will have made the difference.

  12. Amazing! So praying for all of you. These relationships are so crazy sometimes. I am certainly praying your kids can always know and love their first mom. I pray they have forgiving hearts. I pray it for my son, too.

  13. Tears here too. What a great thing for her to say, I hope she can find peace in knowing her kids are with two awesome mommies.


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