Tuesday Tidbits

1) Got some left over toppings from your daughter’s ice cream party?  Just add chocolate!


2) Rosebud, on a whim, decided she was ready to potty train.  So she did.  She’s now been diaper free* for a week!

And that is an example of a time when having a willful, determined child is a wonderful gift.  I’m still pinching myself over the whole thing.  I guess this means she’s ready for a big girl bed now?? eek.

* in the interest of full disclosure, she does still wear a pull-up to bed.  But then again, so does Sprout, so I’m not counting it 😉

3 Responses to “Tuesday Tidbits”

  1. Yay RB! Way to go. Please send PBS an email about your newfound skill and encourage her to try it ASAP, thanks!

  2. Can you please mail me some of that? And congrats on the potty training. Annie started and then suddenly decided she was afraid of the potty. Any mention of it send her into tears. Guess we are still in diapers for a bit longer.


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