This blog is magic

Or you guys are. Either way.

Proof: Estimated time for power restoration was midnight Sunday.

Actual time of restoration? 3 hours after I published that last post.

OMG. Thank you!!

5 Comments to “This blog is magic”

  1. I love this! Yay for power and your family going home!

  2. It’s totally us, LOL! I am so happy you have power and so happy Sprout ( along with everyone else ) will get his groove back. Demons be gone! Enjoy the warmth.

  3. LOL, that’s some powerful blog ju-ju!! 🙂

  4. I’m so glad your family is able to go home. I hope your transition back there will be easy!

  5. I wish I could claim some credit along with the earlier commentors, but I’m very happy your power is restored!

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