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November 2, 2011

This blog is magic

Or you guys are. Either way.

Proof: Estimated time for power restoration was midnight Sunday.

Actual time of restoration? 3 hours after I published that last post.

OMG. Thank you!!

November 2, 2011

Send Warmth

Two weekends ago we celebrated RB’s second birthday on a crisp, clear, New England fall day.  It was lovely – you saw the pictures.

This weekend? Well, this happened…

Yeah, I didn’t see that coming either.

Tons of heavy wet snow which pulled down trees and power lines with its weight.  Trees crashing into houses, cars, blocking streets…complete tree carnage.  Entire towns are out of power – ours went out early Saturday afternoon.  And you know what’s really bad about having no power following a massive snow storm in New England?  No heat.

We bundled up and roughed it for the first couple nights, but then it became clear that we would need to find somewhere warmer.  We are lucky to have found places to go where our children are warm, fed, and have a place to sleep.  But it’s not been without its issues too. 

Of course there’s the common difficulties of displacing 3 young children – sleeping in different places (hot chance we will ever get RB to sleep in a crib again!), eating different food (vegetable? what’s that?), and all semblance of routine and normalcy out the window (school has been canceled at least until next week). 

But poor Sprout, for him it’s so much more than that.  It’s all a little too familiar for him.

Overhearing us discuss where we may be able to spend the night.  Living out of our car and clothes hastily shoved into garbage bags.  Grabbing baths and showers where ever we can.  

It’s all a little bit too much like that other life he used to live.  The one he sure as hell doesn’t want to go back to. 

So please, send warmth and prayers for power.  The demons are knocking at his door.