Parent Teacher Conference

As a parent, Kindergarten is such a different experience than preschool.  In preschool I saw the teachers daily.  I got a behavior/nap/eating report every day.  But in Kindergarten the rules have all changed.  I go weeks without seeing the teacher.  His backpack comes home filled with books, art projects and worksheets…but no more daily report on behavior.   Its been freeing on some levels (oh man, how I came to dread those bad day reports), but it’s also left me feeling uneasy.  Sprout says he’s been good, but how good?  Good all day or just most of the day?  Only two trips to the “thinking chair” or none?  It can’t be that bad or she would have had to send a note. Right? Right?!

So I walked into my first parent-teacher conference with Mrs. M holding my breath.  She started out positive (they always do…) she said Sprout is very bright.  A good learner. Picks up on new concepts quickly and easily.  He’s well prepared academically for school.  [Hmm, just well prepared academically? Does that mean he’s not well prepared in other ways?]  Great pre-reading skills and a zest for learning.  She expects he’ll do great in school. ::pause::  Any questions?

Any questions?! umm, yes! How is his behavior? Is he making friends? Any fights?  Is he sitting in his seat? Talking back? Pushing? Running in the hallway? Climbing up the slide the wrong way? Not listening? OMG, how is his behavior??

Behavior? Oh, he’s doing just fine.  He’s busy and we are working on focus issues, but I wouldn’t expect anything less for an enthusiastic 5-year-old boy.  He’s making tons of friends – we all love him.  His big personality is such a joy.

I could have kissed that teacher on the lips.

Not once did she say, “He’s doing well considering his situation.” or “He’s managing his obstacles as best he can.”

Nope, he’s just a typical 5-year-old boy.  I’ve never heard more wonderful words.  Amazing, amazing, amazing.  


10 Responses to “Parent Teacher Conference”

  1. Awww, What a nice thing to hear. Glad everything is going so well for him!

  2. YAY! Seriously, Sprout needs to come down and rub off on Carter. 🙂

  3. you are doing things right.

  4. Sprout’s teacher is just about as awesome as he is!

  5. What a wonderful meeting! Typical. Just plain, old typical. The word we would sell our soul to hear some days. Yay Sprout!

  6. Awww…Sprout rocks it again! Pretty awesome to think of how far he’s come since he came to be with you two.

  7. What great news! Congratulations to Sprout for clearly rocking kindergarten!
    If you don’t mind sharing, will you send me your post password? You can reach me at

  8. Amen! Sprout is amazing! You and A are pretty amazing, too! I do marvel at the strides the boys have made. Those normal days, things, behaviors feel so very good. Congratulations!

  9. Good job Sprout, and good job Mamas, too! That’s a great progress report on all three of you. 🙂


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