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September 8, 2011

Healthy is Fun

I’ve been overweight – significantly over – my entire life.  I’m an adult now and the bottom line is that I’m the one that controls what I eat and how physical I am.  There is no one else at fault for my weight, but there are a number of things I could point to in my childhood that have contributed.

The weight issue has been my constant struggle. The thing I just can’t seem to beat.  The thing I dislike most about myself.  And it is the thing I’m going to try my damndest to change for my children.

So this summer we put quite a bit of energy into creating a healthier family lifestyle.  First up was joining a local crop share where we “bought into” a farm in the spring and were able to take home a box of local, fresh, beautiful produce every other week throughout the summer (and they are still coming!).   Here are two examples of the boxes we brought home:


The kids loved going to the farm! It was a lot of fun to see what was in the box and find recipes to try out new veggies or those we don’t eat very often. The kids happily chowed down on eggplant, kale, squash and many others they wouldn’t have touched previously.

Then I wanted to tackle exercise.  I was a member of a gym…which mostly just meant that I had the scan card on my key ring, not so much that I actually ever went… It was just so hard to leave the kids after working out of the home 45+ hours a week.  So I found a local stroller fitness class which allowed me to work out while spending time with the babies.  Win! Until the class got canceled… So then I implemented family exercise nights.  We’ve always been very active (walks, bike riding, hiking, you name it) but I don’t know that I had ever really introduced the term ‘exercise’ to them.  Well, as it turns out, kids LOVE exercise.  Running laps, jumping jacks, lunges, they like it all! And watching them be silly and enjoy it makes it that much easier for me to get in a few more reps.  Sprout especially likes when its his turn to be the “instructor”.  That kid is tough.

“Another lap?? really buddy??”

“Yes mommy! You can do it! Come on!”

Now the goal is to keep up with these changes and that’s all on me because the kids will happily continue for as long as I offer.  This is the bottom line: There is no reason for my children to be an excuse for poor eating and not working out, unless I want them to be.