September Mama Tip

Back to school addition!

Guess what I did this week?!!  How is that even possible? Wasn’t he a toddler two blinks ago?  There were lots of tears.  But I’m glad to report that they were only mine 🙂

So this month’s mama tip has to do with all those annoying wonderful pieces of paper art projects they bring home every day.  Sprout’s been in Kindergarten for 2 days and we already have a stack of 10 pictures and worksheets. Seriously?

But, of course every single one is precious and must be cherished. So what do you do?

Snap a picture! When it starts to add up, or perhaps at the end of the school year, take the pics and make a photo book.  And there you go – your children’s precious works of art are saved, and your house is free of (extra) clutter!


2 Comments to “September Mama Tip”

  1. I save the ones A likes best and at the end of the year we go through them and pick a couple to label and store in a bin dedicated to school stuff. I like to see how she has progressed and it keeps the clutter under control for us.

  2. I love this idea. And it’s a great way to use those free books or half price coupons you can find!

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