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September 1, 2011


BM is now definitely aware of our 2 mom status.  And after finding out?

She included in her note that she’s “very excited to meet us”.

The plot thickens…

September 1, 2011

September Mama Tip

Back to school addition!

Guess what I did this week?!!  How is that even possible? Wasn’t he a toddler two blinks ago?  There were lots of tears.  But I’m glad to report that they were only mine 🙂

So this month’s mama tip has to do with all those annoying wonderful pieces of paper art projects they bring home every day.  Sprout’s been in Kindergarten for 2 days and we already have a stack of 10 pictures and worksheets. Seriously?

But, of course every single one is precious and must be cherished. So what do you do?

Snap a picture! When it starts to add up, or perhaps at the end of the school year, take the pics and make a photo book.  And there you go – your children’s precious works of art are saved, and your house is free of (extra) clutter!