The End of an Era

As I’ve mentioned before, A and I consider ourselves attachment parents and for us, part of that parenting style included co-sleeping (sleeping in the same room) with our infants.  We co-slept with Rosebud for 12 months at which point it was no longer allowed by foster regulations.  As much as I loved having her near and enjoyed the benefits (especially for my frequent night-waker), it was really kinda nice to have our space back when we transitioned Rosebud to her own room.

And that lasted all of a week until Daisy joined us!

Back to cosleeping it was.  There was no question about it – we wouldn’t be comfortable with the tiny little baby being anywhere but right by our side.  And it was just as successful for Daisy as it was for Rosebud.  The night feedings were a breeze and I loved falling asleep to the tiny grunts and sighs of my sleeping newborn.

But then the months passed and Daisy wasn’t really a newborn any more.  She was big and happy and attached.  And we, as a couple, were starting to feel the effects of a year and a half without any space to call our own.  So we made the tough decision to transition Daisy out of our room.  A decision that we were able to come to much quicker with Daisy than we were with Rosebud since it wasn’t into a room by herself – but into a room with her sister.

We’re still working out the kinks of the transition,  specifically bed time and Daisy’s still frequent night wakings, but overall its been easier than we expected. 

I miss her less than I anticipated I would. 

Maybe its the fact that A and I can once again talk and laugh until all hours of the night? Or that we can actually turn on a light when we head to bed? Or that we are able to(::ahem::) act on an impulse whenever it strikes?  I don’t regret our co-sleeping decisions one bit but it’s also nice to be able to reclaim an adult space in our kid-centric life.

In honor of the change, we treated ourselves to our first ever big girl set of bedroom furniture.  It makes me feel all grown up!

Here’s the before (except picture a crib where the dresser is):

And the after:

Adults do live here!

10 Responses to “The End of an Era”

  1. It looks great! Pandora is moving to her own room in our new house. I am sad but looking forward to some alone time. When I am tempted to keep her with us longer I will remember your post 🙂 Enjoy your new room!

  2. Ooooo… I love the bed set! Congrats! We’re still working on a grown up look ourselves. Would you believe our bedrooms are the same color? Mine may be a tad brighter, but it’s hard to tell in a pic. Of course they are.

    We shared a room with Cordelia and I really look forward to letting Simeon snuggle with us once in a while (he does climb in next to me while Leo gets dressed in the mornings… shhh…)

    Hope the girls adjust well. What a special bond they’re sure to have!

  3. I love the furniture style. I’m hoping K and I will get a big girl set of furniture when we move in together next year.:) And the pic of the kids on the dresser looks great too!

  4. I get pangs of missing my co-sleeping and babywearing days, but I also remember the sense of freedom and relief when they finally slept in their own rooms!

    The room looks great- I love the color!

  5. The room looks lovely! I covet a real bed, but sadly we’ve agreed it’s not the budget priority right now. You’ve certainly earned your alone time with your wife!

  6. Lovely transition story and lovely new bedroom set.

  7. Im right there with you. We transitioned 3 months ago and its been great, although, I miss the snuggles. LOVE the bedroom set. Congrats!!!

  8. Ohh! LOVE the new furniture!

  9. What a nice idea to get yourselves new furniture! We are still cosleeping with our two 16-month-olds. It’s nice to see these types of transitions work out; we’re anxious about kicking the kiddos out of our room. Perhaps a new bedroom set is in our future, just to ease the sting… 🙂


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