Tuesday Tidbits

Rosebud recently moved up to the 2’s room at school and she’s loving being one of the big kids.  They made some sand art yesterday and hung it up on the wall.  She was really excited to show me when I came to pick her up. 

She enthusiastically pointed at her picture and shrieked “Good job Rosebud!!”

We raise ’em humble around here. 

*   *   *

Speaking of Rosebud, we brought her for a weight check yesterday (it’s difficult to keep weight on that ball of constant motion) and also plopped Daisy on the scale for funsies.  20lbs. 

20lbs?! Give her a  few weeks and she just might eclipse Rosebud!

Oh but I must say, every last ounce of chubby cheek and rolly thigh is pure deliciousness.  I could eat up that little baby!

*   *   *

Sprout was asking me when I was going to go on an airplane again for work (I travel 4-5x a year).  I explained that I was doing my best to get as much done from here so I could travel less.  His response?

“That makes me feel special mommy. Thank you.”


4 Comments to “Tuesday Tidbits”

  1. Making a Sprout feel special.. what better use of time is there?
    Sounds like fun & exciting times at your house.

  2. dude, that is one self aware kid. 🙂

  3. Aww, such sweetness. So glad Sprout feels special, hoping RB is gaining and Daisy is snuggly perfection 🙂

  4. The little things toddlers say are just so stinkin’ cute.

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