Catch Up

I keep coming on here, fingers hovering idly over the keys, staring at the blank box, then closing it and walking away.  Why is it that when I have the most on my mind, I find it the hardest to blog? 

In an attempt to get back in the saddle, I’m going to bore you with a bullets post.

– Sprout starts swim lessons today.  We tried the mommy and me ones last year and it didn’t go well.  The minute we hit the water he turned instant octopus and would.not.remove his extremities from my waist/leg/arm/neck/hair.  So I guess I should say that he starts swim boot camp today.  Parents aren’t even allowed to stay in the building during class.  I’m hoping it goes well – we spend so much time at the pool during the summer, its critical that he learns to swim. 

– Daisy is sitting up and she rolled over 3 times this weekend! Which is a relief because she nearly earned herself a referral to birth to three.  Apparently she’s just in no hurry to grow up and that’s perfectly fine by me.

– I’m gonna have to change RB’s name.  To Sassy. Or Feisty. Or Miss Divapants.  But then she’s got that smile that is just too much.  I get asked all the time, “Is she always that happy?” and I answer, “Yeah, until she’s not.” 

– I’m on a new health and weight loss quest.  I’m down 6lbs which feels like a nice start.  I’m determined to use my family as motivation rather than an excuse.  More to come on this!


4 Comments to “Catch Up”

  1. Sometimes it’s like we live parallel lives: “I get asked all the time, “Is she always that happy?” and I answer, “Yeah, until she’s not.” ”
    This would be baby D. in a nut shell.

    And the health and weight loss quest? I’ve been devoted since June 10th. I’ve lost 9lbs. For my children. For my man. For me 🙂

    You go girl!!!

  2. “I’m determined to use my family as motivation rather than an excuse.”

    That is so powerful!

  3. V almost always has her happy face on when we’re out, so I get the, “oh, what a happy baby, is she always so happy?” question too. And my reply is similar, she’s happy like this, except when she’s not. I think it’s common … and rather frustrating 😉 But now I know I’m in good company!

    Oh, and I’ve turned over a new fitness leaf too 🙂

  4. You’ve been missed…And I’ve been hoping no news is good news. 🙂

    I’ve gone up and down with weight so much. I just looked at pics and thought “this is how I am going to look in all my kids baby pictures.” Yuck. We’re on a new kick at our house, too. I’ve got a couple good recipes if you’re interested.

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