What Makes a Good Foster Parent?

Another question from a lovely reader!

I’ve been asked that question before and always felt caught off guard.  Who am I to say? I’m still trying to figure it out.

But LT knows.  A former foster child now twenty-something who is trying to figure out life without a family.  Her foster care story is honest, infuriating, and all too common.  Having lived in 12 different foster/group homes, I’d say LT is the perfect person to answer this question.

Here’s what she says about what makes a good foster parent – I especially love and can fully vouch for #2. 

“I think of a good foster parent as acting similar to how the Taoist describe water.  Water flows gently and peacefully, …but over time is so powerful that it is able to carve through rock.” – beautiful.

2 Comments to “What Makes a Good Foster Parent?”

  1. Love this! And thank you. So much. For your kind words. I very much appreciate you.

  2. As always, you give me inspiration to be better.

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