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June 7, 2011

Too good to be true

Remember those idyllic scenes I posted last week full of happy children and abundant sunshine?

They are long gone.

Let me paint the scene in my house right now:

1) Sprout had such a bad day at preschool today that we have to keep him home tomorrow.  He’s currently in his room feeling very smug about getting what he wanted (ie. to stay home tomorrow).  Trust me when I tell you that he won’t be feeling so happy about it tomorrow.

2) Both babies are teething and have been screaming in unison for the past 3 hours, breaking only for small sips of bottle/sippy cup and never for longer than 2 minutes.  How much mo.trin do you have to give a baby for it to kick in immediately? (kidding, of course…)

3) My DW (meaning damn dear wife) is at softball where she will be until August.  Even longer if her team makes it to championships.  Go team!

Calgon, take me away.