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May 31, 2011

Gender Bender

This weekend I had the glorious opportunity to sit my bum in a salon chair and read to my heart’s content.  And when I got home, Sprout ooo-ed and aaahh-ed over my pink sparkly toes.   Princess toes, he said.

Naturally, being 4 years old and only at the initial cusp of understanding the enormous burdens our society places on the genders, he asked if he could have painted toes too.  I said yes and let him select his colors.  He now has sandal-ready green and blue toesies.  Proud as punch and showing them off to everyone he encounters – he’s grown up.  pretty much 5.  with painted toes, just like mommy.

Two (bratty) 10-year-old girls at the playground didn’t think it was quite as cool as he did. 

“Why are your toes painted? Are you trying to be a girl? Ewww!”

[thank goodness I was trailing a wild toddler or my inner mama bear would have jumped the railing and clawed her face.  okay, not really. but almost.]

“I’m a boy but my mommy said I could still have pretty toes.”

“That’s weird.”

“That’s your opinion.”

And just like that he turned those painted toes in the opposite direction and marched away, head held high, and found himself a new playmate.

Tears of pride and sadness came to eyes.  When did he get so big? And brave? And confident?  My goodness, I’m such a fan of that kid.

You take my breath away Sprout.  I just couldn’t love you any more.