Monday Prayer

Please give Sprout the strength to have a good day at school today.

I just don’t think I can take another call from preschool.  Every time I feel like I’m the one being called into the principal’s office.  And goodness knows I had enough of that during my own school years.

And also, if he continues to knock down everyone in the room with that big ol’ chip on his shoulder, no one is going to want to come to his birthday party.


6 Comments to “Monday Prayer”

  1. Or they’ll come…and just not want to play with Sprout! Crossing my fingers for him! (and you!)

  2. I’m so sorry he is having arough time right now. Sending call-free thoughts to you today as well as lots of hugs.

  3. lots of thoughts coming your way. 🙂

  4. Sending lots of hugs and warm thoughts to you. I hope today is a new day for Sprout.

  5. Your little man has such a clear voice for why permanence is important (with a little interpretation from you :)). I hope his day went more smoothly than you expected!

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