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May 3, 2011


There’s a big playscape in the center of our town.  Its walking distance from our house so we go there often.  It’s a symbolic place for me, holding many parenting memories and milestones.  Last summer Rosebud would mostly hang out in the stroller or wrapped to my back as we watched and chased her brother around.  Now she’s trying to keep up with the biggest of them while her sister looks on as she once did. 

This used to be a tough place for Sprout.  I’ve lost count of the number of tantrums he’s thrown when I made the dreaded announcement: “Its time to go.”  It didn’t matter how prepped we were or how many warnings I gave, inevitably a happy energetic Sprout would melt into a flopping, kicking, screaming, hitting mess.  Those days were hard but I understood them.  We were still new to each other and he had no reason to believe that when I said we would come back, we really would – too much of his life experience proved otherwise.  He lived tragically in the moment during those early days.

But now we’ve got our routine down pat.  I give him a 5 minute warning and when its time to go, he happily abides with his new understanding that we will most definitely be back and the easier he makes it on mommy, the quicker the return will be.

Just take yesterday for an example:

When I informed Sprout that it was time to go, he cheerfully and loudly announced to his new friends, “Bye guys! I’m going home now ’cause my mom has to poop! I’ll be back tomorrow!”

And that’s when I was reminded that our job as parents is never done…